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One of our many concrete projects

New Development and Repair


Concrete flatwork is self explanatory.  It is the installation of a flat surface of concrete that could be used for a variety of applications.  Strength can be increased by increasing the amount of Portland cement in the concrete , or by adding “fiber mesh” , wire mesh or rebar.

Curb & Gutter

Curb and gutter normally surrounds the parking lot and islands.  It is designed to carry water away from the lot to some sort of drain system.

Drainage Pans

Drainage pans are installed to carry the flow of water off the property.  Concrete pans can flow at a much less percentage of fall than asphalt.  When the percentage of flow is less than .4% (less than ½” in 100 inches) the pan may hold water.  Concrete fairs up much better than asphalt if standing water is retained on its’ surface.


Concrete R&R (remove and replace) is typically performed when the existing concrete is badly damaged due to cracking or deterioration.  This is an expensive process and if the sub grade is soft, you are throwing your money away if you don’t stabilize the sub grade before installing the new concrete.  This process is even more expensive if there is wire mesh or rebar in the old concrete.  If the ground is hard, concrete will outlast asphalt.